Education for Underprivileged Children

Diya Foundation believes that children are future of our country and it is our responsibility to help them and make their future bright. Children are children, irrespective of their setting. They need love and care, food, clothing and shelter, but above all, directions to lead a good and useful life. But all the children are not so lucky. Many of them get to eat only once a day, lack proper clothes and some of them do not have any one to care for them. When survival itself becomes the goal in life, education becomes a distant dream and the path to crime is easiest to follow. Children living in harsh circumstances suffer for no fault of theirs and need all the help they can from the more fortunate. Diya endeavours to light a match in the dark world of slum children.Diya Foundation runs two schools Chetan Vidya Mandir and Diya Playway School in a slum cluster where the children are provided:

Basic Education

  • Free education up to Primary level
  • Vocational training for self reliance
  • Free mid day meals
Health Care
  • Through regular medical check-ups and support
  • Promoting personal hygiene and cleanliness of the surroundings
Moral Values
  • Imparting of moral values through story telling sessions, dramatics and other creative activities

Chetan Vidya Mandir

'Chetan Vidya Mandir' a school for slum children in Nihal Vihar, New Delhi was commenced on 20th April, 2010 where 285 slum children are provided free education, regular medical check-ups and imparting of moral values in order to build a solid foundation to help them grow up into responsible citizens.

Chetan Playway School

'Chetan Play Way School' a school for slum toddlers in Nihal Vihar, New Delhi was commenced on 1 july 2012, where they are 45 children aged between 2-3 years. It was established to provide slum children an overall development and to make their base strong.
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