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Bequests and legacies are invaluable to the work of Diya We Care Foundation. We have been receiving legacies and as a result have been able to support more and more activities to enable the underprivileged to live in dignity.

By including us in your will today, you can ensure we will be there for underprivileged in the future, providing them with there necessities.

How your legacy can make a difference

Your legacy can change the future for the most deprived people in society.
We know how important it is that your legacy is spent wisely and well. You can be sure that by entrusting us with your legacy, you will make a genuine and positive difference to the most deprived people in society.

How to leave a legacy with DIYA

It is quick and simple to include a gift to DIYA in your existing will. You won't even need to rewrite your will; a qualified solicitor can draft a codicil for a minimal cost.

To find out more about reviewing and updating your will you can get in touch with us at no extra cost. Simply call 011- 47070156.


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