Surjit Verma Science Activity Lab

Learning of Science involves seeing, handling, and manipulating real objects and materials. The knowledge that kids attain in classrooms would be ineffectual unless they actually observe the process and understand the relationship between action and reaction.

Teaching and experiments that are being conducted in science lab help encourage deep understanding in children. Therefore they are able to retain the Knowledge for longer when they see the experiments being performed in front of their eyes.

The Children living in slums are not accessable to these type of labs. To give these children, a fun loving experience and quality education and to know more about, stars, planets, and animals (herbivores and carnivores). Diya Foundation with the support of Surjit Verma Foundtaion for children education, Canada has constructed a Surjit Verma Activity Lab in Chetan Vidya Mandir (a School run by Diya Foundation) in Nihal Vihar, New Delhi. The lab is fully air conditioner and consist of 36 seats, LED TV and latest science equipments.



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